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Appleby's of Hawkstone

Edward & Christine Appleby

Company Description
Appleby's Hawkstone Cheshire, Appleby's Smoked Cheshire and Appleby's Double Gloucester are produced from the Appleby's herd of cows on the edge of the Cheshire Plain. We have been making cheese here in the same traditional way for fifty years and, in 2002, were awarded a 'gold' at the 'World Cheese Awards'. The combination of quality milk, fine pastures, the skill of the cheesmaker and the art of maturing, gives our cheese a unique texture and flavour. To help the maturing process, the cheese is calico bound before being moved to our on-farm maturing rooms. Once mature, it is in perfect condition to be selected before it leaves the farm to be delivered all over Britain. All cheeses are suitable for vegetarians.

Distribution is nationwide to quality food halls and speciality cheese shops - including Neals Yard Dairy, Covent Garden, London, Harrods and selected Waitrose and Marks & Spencers stores.

Broadhay Farm
Lower Heath
SY13 2BJ
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Tel: 01948 840387
Fax: 01948 841199

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