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Belton Cheese Ltd

Belton Cheese Ltd

Brian Gresty

Company Description
Belton Cheese has been producing top quality cheese on the farm for 150 years. We produce a full range of block, traditional and 4kg wheels in both normal milk and organic. We specilaise in making English Territorials, which can be found in all major supermarkets. Our milk is collected daily from local RSPCA Freedom Food orientated forms. Quality is assured by the use of HACCP and the company also holds the ISO 9002/BS 5750 and Efsis Higher Level Certification. Belton export 15% of its production and consistently, year after year, wins at the major International cheese shows.

Chilled distribution throughout the UK and Europe.

SY13 1JD
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Tel: 01948 662125
Fax: 01948 662269

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