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Amerton Farm and Bakery

Eunice Finney

Company Description
Amerton Farm prides itself in serving good quality, homemade fresh food using locally sourced produce. Our bakery boasts a full range of cakes, sweets, savoury produce and Celebration Cakes. We also make our own fudge. Our tea room, serves anything from a three course meal to a snack. The Farm Shop has a wide range of locally produced cheeses, fine jams, preserves, butter, cream and eggs. Amerton Farm ice cream is made on the farm and sold in the Farm Shop. There is also a Craft Centre, Play Barn and other retail outlets on site.

Through retail outlets on site.

Amerton Farm
Stowe by Chartley
ST18 0LA
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Tel: 01889 270294
Fax: 01889 271242

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