Mintz's Design Associates

Mintz's Design Associates is a collection of people with knowledge, technical skills and creativity, based in Stratford upon Avon. We work closely with our clients' treating everyone of them totally individually. No company is too big or too small. It is important to get the feel of a business, the perceptions of the staff, its management, its aims and specialities; then we are able to create a design which is exciting and unique.

As well as the food industry, we also work with many other types of business, from analytical laboratories, solicitors, insurance brokers, super auto stores and lots more.

Mintz's joined HEFF relatively recently and have found our association with them exceedingly useful. Their networking is superb and has brought us many contacts.

Designing CD's so you can send your full product list in photographic form with great clarity, displaying your product and saving you endless sample and postage cost. Brochures, flyers, packaging, labelling, exhibition design, and any other associated design needs.... we are capable of. We can also provide copywriting with a more interesting and in some cases a jollier text so as not to bore the reader. Our latest designs have been received very well.

We are having great fun working with Chokolit (yummy,yummy) one of HEFF's latest client's, who were received extremely well at Villa Park and have now been approached by some major buyers. Mintz's have another superb client by the name of Judith's Cakes. They produce the most wonderful and delicious bakery products and who now have a new brochure which has been well received and we continue to work on more exciting projects with her. The Handmade Bakery Group we have also done similar work for over sixteen years.

We are listed, approved designers with Business Link, Mustard Programme and the Scottish Enterprise Board as we work all over the UK. We have also been working in Europe for a major analytical company. We are familiar with working alongside Trading Standards to ensure that your products meet exact legislative approval.

We are friendly and most approachable, so just give us a ring for a chat.

Mintzs Design
Bernard Mintz
Tel: 01789 294 103

68 Clopton Road, Stratford upon Avon, CV37 6SN